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Krisztina Szalai

  • My goal is to provide assistance and support for teenagers to make their life easier. They will have better studying techniques therefore it will be easier to prepare for exams and get through challenges at school. I can give them guidance to allocate their time effectively. They will become more successful and happier young students. They could create their own plans and also they will have the ability to achieve them.

  • I would like to help them to get to know their own desires and wishes which will increase their self confidence. Moreover I give them a helping hand to find and choose their academic field.

  • My aim is to broaden their horizons and to show them endless opportunities how to become confident adults and give courage to realize their dreams.

I have 25 years of experience in tourism, customer service and distribution. I  have managed and motivated Hungarian and international teams of 6-13 people. Currently, I manage and coordinate projects at a multinational company in Spain, Barcelona. As a leader, I have learned effective working methods and strategic thinking. I have participated in numerous self-development, communication trainings and mentoring programs.

I am a really proud mother of my two children (20 & 23 years old) who live their own life and realizing their own dreams. They had an exciting adolescence times without any critical issue. They were open to try different opportunities and it helped them to find their own ways. We have a very close mother-child relationship although they have their individual freedom. 

How I can help you:

for Youths

I could help you get to know yourself and trust in yourself. Make your everyday life successful and productive. Do not need to waist unnecessary energy and spend hours doing tasks and things that do not serve your dreams. Manage your day to spend more time with friends, or on your interests and hobbies.

for Entrants

I help to map the individual interests, strengths and abilities. Based on that we could find the potential professions and schools that fit the young person’s equality and ability. During the consultations, your child becomes aware of himself / herself and gets a real picture of himself / herself, his / her abilities and possibilities. He/She could create his/her own future.

for Parents

I help you to able to create more peaceful moments with your child, not with education, but with enjoyable conversations and shared experiences. In addition, I can help you find a work-life balance. Have fun and enjoy who you are. To find daily activities that give you motivation and strength. If you are happy, it will also affect your immediate environment.

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